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Carpenters Optometrists Ltd. came about in 2007, as Abigail and Christopher Carpenter decided to put their vision of a clinically-driven, client-focused practice to the test.

Having worked for several years as a locum in both independent and corporate optical practices, Abigail was convinced that for her, the right approach to eyecare didn’t feel like trying to see as many people as possible in a day and trying to sell as many pairs of specs as you could!

Instead she wanted to provide her clients with the level of service she felt they should expect: thorough, personal and professional, with plenty of time to address any concerns; to put the client’s needs first and to make sure their eyes were healthy and their vision as good as possible.

10 years on we are proud to have been able to prove that it is possible to build a business on providing excellent care.  Our clients really value the time we spend with them and the long-lasting relationships we have worked to build.  Our 45 minute Enhanced Eye Examination has now become our standard level of care and includes OCT scans, retinal photography and anterior eye photography where needed; as well as really in-depth discussion and assessment of your eye care needs and history.

Our first practice was Lovat Short Optometrists in Radstock, which we acquired in 2007.  Having thoroughly modernised and built the practice into a successful local independent business, we decided to take on our second challenge with a sister practice in Worle (Weston Super Mare) in 2012.  They say the sky’s the limit but we think two’s plenty for us – we want to stay small, so we’re able to keep our personal touch alive and focus on looking after our clients and their families for years to come.

We have invested in some top-notch technology and now have an OCT 3D retinal scanner in both practices, which our Optometrists Joanna, Naomi and Dayna find immensely helpful in providing a really thorough examination.  The OCT allows us to measure tiny changes in the central retina and optic nerve tissue, providing an extremely through check for the early signs of eye disease.

We believe there is nothing more valuable than your sight so we’re determined to look after it for you.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more, or to book your consultation.


What our clients say

I have no hesitation in recommending Abi’s work as an optometrist. My eyesight, obviously, is very important to me because among other things I love driving; I have a mate who lost his driving licence through an eye problem last year and he was devastated.

I am diabetic and it can effect eyesight so it is very important to get as good check ups as possible, and I think Abi can perform that for me. I make use of the additional technology that she has recently installed and I have 100 per cent trust in what she does on behalf of keeping my eyesight as good as it can be.

Keith BridgesRetired Board Member at Somer Community Housing Association

Having tried the services at Lovat Short Optometrists in Radstock, I can firmly say that my eyes have been opened up to how quality and professional treatment should be given!

Abigail and her team are an extremely professional and friendly group of people and I was made very welcome as soon as I walked in the door.

My examination was extremely thorough, with information being given to me that I had never been made aware of before and, having been used to a quick 15 minute check up, was surprised when I emerged some 45 minutes later! Everything was explained to me concisely and advice given on the appropriate choice of visual aids suitable for my eyes.

Discovering that my eyesight was not as I had been previously made aware of by other, well known establishments was a wake-up call and I am very grateful to Abigail for making each day easier and safer, knowing my eyesight is now managed correctly!

Ben HughesRegional Sales Manager EMEA

I have known Abi for several years. She is a top quality Optometrist who has taken over an existing business, modernised it from scratch and runs it to a very high standard. Her referral letters are always of the highest quality. I can strongly recommend her.

Roger BaerOphthalmologist, Royal United Hospital & Circle Bath

I first attended this practice in 2009, when my vision was deteriorating and a new pair of spectacles was clearly called for. The practice staff were very pleasant and welcoming, whilst Mrs Carpenter was both approachable and professional, taking time and effort to assess my needs and deal with them appropriately. The whole process was painless, from start to finish.

Trish HarrisonPractice Manager at Park Medical Centre

Abi is a conscientious and capable optometrist who demonstrates skill and confidence in her discipline. Abi takes the time to explain the science behind eye health in a both interesting and reassuring way. I would be loathe to trust anyone else with my eyesight, and would heartily recommend Abi again and again.

Neil MukerjiRadstock client

Best opticians ever, lovely surroundings, lovely friendly staff and most importantly highly experienced professionals.

Kelly HillRadstock client
My experience with your practice so far has been an impressive one, especially your professionalism in answering all of my questions thereby giving me a far better understanding of why my eyes are as they are.
Abigail did a very good job of explaining the causes and treatment of my eye condition due to the rheumatoid arthritis from which I suffer.  My previous optician only wanted to prescribe lenses for me, he would not tell me why my eyes were gummed up or speak of remedial action to reduce the effect even when I told him I am suffering from RA.  I had to return my spectacles to him because of a glaring fault on the surface of a lens which I had to point out to him!!
The lady who measured me for frame size improved my understanding of how my lenses were going to be processed.  She made it so interesting when we were talking about refractive indexes and then the subject of cataracts and the modern treatments for this malady.
Alan TannerWorle Client