Really Caring for Your Eyes: Vision Care Plan

How would you like to be able to access comprehensive, professional eye care whenever you need it (without any extra charges) – and how would you like to be rewarded for your loyalty at the same time?

With those aims in mind, we have just introduced our fantastic new Vision Care Plan.

The plan gives you membership to our practices and some wonderful benefits:

  • 25% loyalty discount on all your glasses and sunspecs
  • Unlimited appointments for professional care
  • OCT 3D retinal scans included
  • Retinal and anterior eye photography included
  • Free access to our full range of private appointments, for anything from a sore eye to an emergency
  • Free contact lens trials
  • Inclusive contact lens care and refits
  • Kids go free – free children’s appointments for up to 3 children on your plan

There are several reasons we’ve introduced the Vision Care Plan (click to see colour PDF!):

  1. We’d like to be able to do more for people who are loyal, regular clients and who come to us because of our high standards of professional care.  We felt it was time we were able to offer you discounts on your purchases as a thank you!
  2. More and more of our clients are opting for enhanced examinations like OCT, and we wanted everything to be covered under one blanket so you can have what you need every visit rather than having to budget.
  3. We want to be able to provide you with access to emergency care whenever something seems a little bit odd, without the worry of unexpected bills.  We are no longer able to see most eye emergencies and issues under the NHS, so we felt an alternative (other than sending you to the eye hospital or GP) was needed.  That way you can access the right professional care when it’s needed and have your mind put instantly at rest!
  4. Sadly we can no longer provide the level of healthcare we would like under the NHS for many of our clients.  Funding for most eligible people is now limited to a basic prescription check just once every 2 years.  In our professional opinion, eye health can change much more quickly than that without any obvious symptoms, so we would really recommend everyone is seen annually for a comprehensive eye health check.

The Vision Care Plan is just £9 per month by Direct Debit and is really easy to set up – no forms, no paperwork, just pop in or give us a ring!

Our contact lens Direct Debit clients will automatically be upgraded onto the Care Plan, so if you already pay by Direct Debit you don’t need to do anything.  It’s all taken care of!

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