Eye Examinations

Your Eye Examination With Us

We pride ourselves on providing extremely thorough, unhurried eye examinations.  The majority of our clients now choose our 45 minute Enhanced Eye Examination (£59 for private clients), which includes OCT 3D retinal scans, retinal photography and anterior eye photography where indicated; as well as our usual in-depth discussion and assessment of your eye care needs and history.

The amazing images provided by the OCT help us to measure tiny changes at the back of the eye so we can monitor much more accurately for the early signs of eye and general health issues.  We believe there is nothing more valuable than your sight so we’re determined to look after it for you, and prevention is the best way in our book!  NHS clients can elect to upgrade to our Enhanced examination for £30.

We can alternatively provide a more basic level of examination which lasts around 30 minutes, but does not include OCT images or photography (currently £39 or NHS funded).

Abi 3D

Regularly having OCTs helps us build a picture of how your eyes are changing over time, so ideally one every visit is wise.  To name a few specific conditions we can detect early macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, optic neuritis (due to conditions like multiple sclerosis) and other causes of swelling of the optic nerve and retina, along with many other eye and general health issues.

Have you noticed something unusual about your eyes?

Just as you’d see your GP for your general health, we’re the place to come for your eye health.  Our Optometrists are highly trained to investigate anything from a red or irritated eye through to sudden changes in your vision. We sometimes refer you to your GP for treatment but many eye conditions (such as dry eye and blepharitis) are easily prevented and managed without prescription medications; we try to get to the bottom of the problem.

We can offer advice on treatments or arrange to refer you to an Ophthalmologist if necessary, and we can put your mind at rest by giving clear advice as to how urgent the problem is.  If you’d like some advice we can help.

If you ever need an urgent response please contact us by telephone – e-mail responses cannot be guaranteed and may take up to 72 hours.  If you are experiencing any sudden onset visual symptoms, loss of vision or pain, you should seek immediate medical attention with your local eye or accident & emergency department).