Computer Use & Your Eyes

Love or hate them, computers, laptops and screens are part of our lives now and here to stay.

Fortunately computer work does not damage your eyes or make your sight change; however it can certainly make undetected problems more of an issue, leading to eye-strain and tired, dry eyes.

Many of us are finding that our old glasses just don’t help as much as they should: we can help with specially designed ‘occupational’ lenses and fantastic modern varifocal lenses that are easy to use on a computer.  Our Optometrists can offer advice on improving your work area and vision to make it a more comfortable experience.

If you’ve tried contact lenses in the past but find you can’t wear them at work due to dry eyes, we may be even able to help!  With modern Silicone Hydrogel materials, many of our clients are suddenly finding they can wear lenses for longer and more comfortably than ever before!

Your employer should fund your eye examination* if you work on a computer for a large proportion of your job.  We recommend examinations once a year, especially if you do a significant amount of screen work.

We welcome both Private and NHS clients – You can find out whether you would be eligible for NHS funded eye examinations and Optical Vouchers, by checking the NHS website.

(*all contact lens appointments are a private service)