NHS Sight Tests

As with most areas of healthcare, NHS funding is limited and has become more tightly controlled in recent years.

We are still happy to see eligible NHS clients but in accordance with recent legal guidance, we only guarantee an NHS funded test:

  • Once every 2 years, or
  • Where the Optometrist suspects your symptoms could indicate a change of prescription

The NHS fund a basic examination, designed to check your spectacle prescription and screen for obvious signs of eye disease. It does not cover more frequent prescription checks for any other reason (such as broken glasses); contact lens work; or more thorough investigations such as:

  • retinal and anterior eye photography
  • OCT 3D retinal scans
  • investigation of flashes and floaters
  • investigation of red eyes and discomfort
  • investigation and management of urgent eye conditions or any other symptoms

The good news is we can still see you as a Vision Care Plan  or private client for all these things and more – as often as you need!

Vision Care PlanVision Care Plan also gives you some fantastic loyalty rewards, and if you would usually be entitled to an NHS Optical Voucher you will even receive further discounts on VCP to ensure it’s worthwhile switching.

You can view our full range of professional services here  – these are all covered under Vision Care Plan  or as pay-as-you-go private services.