Vision Correction

Guaranteed scratch-proof lenses, contact lenses, Varifocals that don’t feel unnatural, lenses and coatings that optimise vision in all situations… even anti-fog lenses! We’ve got it covered.

We want to give you the best possible quality of vision so we use trusted, branded lens suppliers who we know will give us consistent, fantastic quality products. We are proud to be registered as Varilux Consultants, reflecting our expertise in dispensing and fitting Varilux lenses.

We are able to provide up to 2 years’ guarantee against scratching with Essilor’s amazing Crizal Forte UV coating – an anti-reflection coating which not only prevents glare (making vision clearer and safer) but is also smudge, scratch, dust and water-repellant. We highly recommend it to anyone who drives at night-time to optimise clarity and reduce glare; it also optimises vision for reading, computers and all day-to-day activities. If you find ‘steamed up’ lenses a major annoyance, ask about our lenses which are treated to prevent it!

We are able to offer a full range of modern ‘High Index’ lens materials, to reduce the weight and thickness of lenses for improved comfort and appearance.

Have you found you’re holding the paper a bit further away than you used to..?

This is quite normal around the age of 45 and is known as presbyopia; it can be very frustrating when you start to struggle to get everything sharply in focus at different distances! Varifocal lenses are an ideal solution for most people.

Have you heard bad things about varifocals? We can now put those fears to rest; with superb modern lens designs, varifocals need no longer be limiting and difficult to get used to.  Modern varifocals bring unparalleled width and stability of vision and elimination of the disorientating ‘swimming’ effect. If you’re still not comfortable with the idea of varifocals rest assured, we have other tricks up our sleeves to help you achieve comfortable practical vision.

Transitions lenses are very popular with our clients as a day-to-day solution for achieving comfortable vision in different lighting environments and providing protection against harmful UV. The newest Transitions lens provides the fastest reaction and most comfortable tint yet. We can also recommend lenses which darken in the car!

Book an eye test today and let’s see if we have the perfect solution for you.