Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a great way of enhancing your vision. They can provide better more ‘natural’ vision than glasses for many people, and can be a great help for playing sports or for social events where glasses may get in the way. Contact lenses can be worn very safely and successfully, as long as they are looked after carefully and with regular professional care.

We are able to fit and provide contact lenses for all prescriptions, including lenses for astigmatism, multifocals and monovision for varifocal wearers. We can cater for very occasional wear with daily disposable lenses, right through to full-time wear for clients who tell us they ‘hate wearing glasses!’ (though you should still always have a recent pair of specs as your emergency backup!). If your prescription falls outside of ‘standard’ ranges, we can arrange to fit custom-made lenses in either soft or rigid gas-permeable materials.

Most of our clients now pay by Direct Debit – covering all appointments and all of the benefits of Vision Care Plan for just £9 per month!  We simply add the cost of your lenses and any solutions you need to work out your total monthly contact lens plan price.

Does it hurt?
We understand that putting a lens in for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking for many people! The good news is that soft contact lenses are surprisingly comfortable, and we tend to find that within seconds of the Optician putting the first lens in for you, you can hardly feel it there.

We prefer to use modern silicone hydrogel lenses for most clients, as they are so comfortable and less prone to drying out than many traditional soft lenses. They are also much more breathable than conventional lenses, so we are seeing many of the complications caused by over-wearing contact lenses becoming a thing of the past. They’re great and certainly worth a try if ever you’ve experienced lenses feeling dry or uncomfortable by the end of the day, clients even report that they make their eyes look whiter!

Can they get lost behind my eye?
The short answer is: no! The eyelids and the surface of the eyeball are connected to each other at the top/bottom, so they can’t travel that far. If you are new to contact lens wear we will teach you how to safely insert and remove your lenses, and will make sure you are confident at doing this before you take them home.

We provide all new and existing wearers with full advice on how to care for lenses and how to wear them safely. Even if you have been wearing lenses for many years, this can be invaluable advice as we now understand much more about the relationship between the contact lens and the eye, and some older methods of handling lenses are now considered outdated and potentially dangerous.

Contact Lens Care
UK legislation now requires that anybody purchasing contact lenses must have had them fitted by a Contact Lens professional, to prevent the dangers that can be caused by lenses fitting badly or not being looked after properly. We carry out regular aftercare checks and eye examinations for you so that any problems can be investigated and managed in the early stages.

Paying by Direct Debit means there are no fees for your regular or emergency visits.  We will also replace lost and split lenses for you, as well as offering 25% off glasses and sunglasses as well as many other fantastic benefits as part of Vision Care Plan.

All Vision Care Plan clients are automatically entitled to a Free Contact Lens Trial (see our full range of professional services and pricing). Get in touch with your local branch to find out more.