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UV Protection: For Eyes That Look & Stay Young (and Healthy)!

Slices of cucumber, cold spoons on the eyelids, bizarre facial exercises, lotions and potions… you’ve probably heard all sorts of ‘secrets’ to keeping crows feet at bay and keeping your eyes looking bright and youthful.

We have some good news! Believe it or not, just making sure you regularly wear your sunglasses makes all the difference and brings huge benefits that you wouldn’t even think of. Isn’t it lovely when the simplest things are the most effective?

Wrinkles, spots, and nasties
The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin anywhere on the body. Most wrinkles and age spots are caused by UV – and just think how much you squint on a bright day! More worryingly, we now know that UV causes 50-90% of skin cancers (World Health Organisation) and the eyelids are very susceptible to skin cancers. Most people neglect to put sunscreen on this area as it can be irritating but about 5-10% of skin cancers are eye-related. Well-fitting wraparound sunglasses with 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC give the best protection.

And don’t forget the kids… up to 80% of UV damage occurs in childhood so it really is crucial that you get them used to wearing sunglasses and a sunhat early on, to help protect them for life.

Yellow eyes & jelly bumps!
We quite often get asked “what’s this yellow bump on my eye?”. As the white of the eye and the overlying clear conjunctival tissue gets older, it tends to change and can become slightly hardened and raised. This is especially true if the eye is exposed to a lot of UV or to dry environments (such as walking on a windy day). Sunglasses protect against both these problems and help keep your eyes whiter for longer! Our Optometrists can offer more personal advice to anyone noticing this appearance, please come in and see us for a consultation.

Protecting Your vision
If you’re not already convinced that sunglasses are essential, did you know they will also help keep your vision at its best? UV accelerates ageing changes within the eye as well as on the surface, so sunglasses will help keep these problems at bay. Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, retinal degenerations and tumours – it’s not a hard choice!

And they can even make your driving safer
Recent studies have shown that stopping distances dramatically improve in people who wear polarised sunglasses for daytime driving, as they cut out any glare making eyesight sharp and comfortable even on bright, sunny days. Our new range of Maui Jim polarised sunglasses are 100% protective for UVA, UVB and UVC and come with superior coatings and lens clarity to make vision even clearer. Come and try the parrot test – you’ll be stunned by the difference in the comfort and clarity they give!

Make sure you always wear CE marked sunglasses when you’re outside for any length of time, especially if you can see a shadow on the ground (even if it’s cloudy). If you’d like any further information just let us know!


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