Vision Care Plan

Vision Care PlanVision Care Plan is designed to allow you access to excellent eye care whenever you need it, with no hidden charges and some fantastic loyalty rewards.

We don’t want to present you with big bills every time you come to see us.

We’d rather our clients were able to access excellent eye care whenever they need, without the worry of what it might cost. In fact, we’d really recommend a through examination each year for everyone – and along with our time and expertise we’d love to give you more rewards for remaining loyal.

Just £2.25 per week gives you and your children access to top-notch professional care, unlimited visits and fantastic discounts. Please get in touch for further details.

We recommend an Enhanced Eye Examination  at least every year, to ensure we’re caring for your eyes as thoroughly as possible. This gives us the best chance of picking up any small changes in the health of your eyes before they ever cause you any issues.

We also want you to be able to come in more frequently if you experience any problems, no matter how minor they seem, or just simply because you want to!

Our skilled clinicians can investigate, advise on and manage all manner of symptoms – from sore or red eyes through to flashes, floaters and other unusual visual symptoms. You can view our comprehensive list of services here.

  • All professional services free of additional charge
  • Unlimited appointments
  • OCT 3D retinal scans
  • Retinal and anterior eye photography
  • 25% discount on all purchases of glasses and sunglasses to your prescription
  • Further discounts if you would usually be entitled to an NHS Optical Voucher
  • Free Contact Lens Trials
  • Contact lens care appointments included
  • Kids go free – up to 3 children included under your plan

Vision Care Plan – Excellent eye care, whenever you need and amazing loyalty rewards for just £9 per month

Full terms & conditions are available on request. Contact us to find out more.